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National Electronics Day?

So National Electronics Week (Earl’s Court, London) has come and gone. I had planned to go for all three days but in the end I was only there for three hours as I couldn’t justify staying longer.

The show consisted of an island of stands in the middle of Earls Court Hall 2. There was a big space around them and not all were filled, but the most noticeable characteristic was the absence of visitors. You know what it’s like for the first hour of a trade show, you can just walk up to empty stands and talk to anyone without waiting? Well it was like that the whole time I was there and, according to those I spoke to, for the whole three days although they did say the sales leads they received were of good quality.

As with so many events like this, all of human life was there. The interested, the bored, the enthusiastic, the shy, the 20 second elevator pitch, the 20 minute sales lecture. There were those happy to see you and there were others that really didn’t want to see any visitors at all. (I asked the man sitting alone in the middle of his stand about his business. “We’re competitors, go away” he demanded. We weren’t, but I did; silly me for disturbing him when he was checking his emails…!)

Speaking to some regular trade show attendees it seems that National Electronics Week was not unusual. All UK shows are suffering similarly, they said, including ones that are nothing to do with electronics. Only the large international shows in Germany seem to be holding firm and doing good business.

So now I have to decide whether my company will exhibit at Technology World ’09 in November. We had been planning to, but if this is what shows are like at the moment I’m not sure if it’s worth the time and effort. Roll on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2010!

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