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There’s a new OS in town

So Google are launching a new computer Operating System – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8139711.stm

Great news!

Competition in this area has got to be a good thing. Not only does it give us more choice but it keeps the current incumbents, Windows and Linux, on their toes. (Apple is a special case, of course, and has many lessons to teach all PC Operating Systems about usability.)

Many years ago I put together a tender for the development of a new personal computing device, smaller than a laptop, for Psion. The job didn’t sell for a variety of reasons, and I was disappointed as I would have been one of the first customers for the end product!

The things that characterised the Psion device for me were the size – we would recognise it today as a netbook but it was unique at the time – and the fact it was ‘instant on’ with no need to sit there for many minutes waiting for it to start up.

From what I read, the Google Chrome OS is also supposed to start up in just a few seconds which is essential if it is to be used to quickly check emails, web, social networking etc, without running all day every day. It is also supposed to be immune to viruses and malware, although I will take some convincing.

Mind you, it won’t be able to run many commonly-used applications as most of these have been written for Windows or Apples, so it best suits people using netbooks and on-line applications… such as those provided by Google. Funny, that!

On the other hand, every OS has to start somewhere so for web-centic netbook users it could be ideal; installed apps may emerge later.

Given the problems with Windows and it’s lack of maintainability for many members of the general public this could be very good news. Let’s see if Google can live up to the hype!

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