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Free start-up resources in Cambridge

With thanks to the always interesting Martin Kleppmann on Twitter http://twitter.com/martinkl, I have come across an interesting alturistic start-up incubator for software companies in Cambridge (UK) run by the software company Red Gate: http://springboard.red-gate.com/

For 10 weeks Red Gate provide mentoring, office space, some money, and lunch, all free and with no strings attached. They don’t take any equity or expect payback or make any legal or contractual demands of you.

You go to Red Gate’s offices on the Business Park in Cambridge, and get to be part of their start-up area – as they say, “smart people doing interesting things with the right resources to become awesome”.

You get:

  • speakers and training over 10 weeks
  • money to live on
  • your own accommodation for 10 weeks
  • ongoing mentoring from Red Gate’s founders who have built a world-class business
  • space to work in the Red Gate building along with a group of other start-ups
  • free breakfast and lunch every day

Red Gate get useful contacts, a group of start-ups who are well disposed towards them and their products, potential synergy between products and markets, possible subcontracting or co-working opportunities, and they get to make a positive contribution to the industry.

If you have some really innovative software ideas and are itching to put them into practice this could be an excellent opportunity; you don’t even need to have an established company. 

Ten weeks isn’t long, but it could be just the start you need: http://springboard.red-gate.com/apply/

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