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Leave my equipment alone!

I could get very fed up with big corporations messing up my equipment.

It happens with my computers, and it happens with my Sky box.

Every few weeks things start happening that shouldn’t, or things stop happening that should.

Here’s a Sky example; a couple of over-the-air software updates ago my Sky box’s on/off switch stopped working. The remote control still worked, but pressing the little button on the front of the Set Top Box did nothing. Now, since the last software update, it has started working again. Before that it was the optical audio output that no longer worked, I had to wait for another software upgrade to get Dolby 5.1 back again.

And there are countless Microsoft Windows example; really too many to list. The latest is that my Internet Explorer settings have been changed for the N-th time by Microsoft; now, Add-Ons are always disabled. This Add-Ons disabling has been turned on and off by Microsoft at least three time this year to my knowledge and it’s a real nuisance. (And before you ask, no, I’m afraid that I can’t enable them again, Microsoft in their wisdom have blocked my ability to do so.)

Yet things that haven’t worked for months, but which they know about, (like iTunes CD Rom operation on Vista 64, or Sky’s disabling of parental controls) remain untouched and non-functional.

So here is an open plea to these ‘IT Interferers’ – by all means improve my systems, but don’t take away things that work and replace them with things that don’t. That’s tantamount to stealing. If you are going to change things, please test them properly – don’t just cross your fingers and hope they work.

UPDATE – 16 September 2009:

At last Apple have fixed iTunes! An automatic update to iTunes 9 today has resolved the problem of it seeing CD / DVD drives under Visa 64. I have been complaining about this since May, and Apple knew about it well before then, so it’s not been the fastest fix but at least it is fixed… for now. Any bets on Windows 7, anyone?

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