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The quality of supermarket check-outs

Don’t you just hate the new self-service checkouts? The ones that “save you time” but actually take a lot longer than the normal ones and save the supermarket shed-loads of money at your expense. Sainsbury’s, Tesco and B&Q seem to be the worst offenders in my part of the world. Why they believe that it […]

The pros and cons of ‘Zero Defects’

Zero Defects is the approach to quality that was developed and promoted by the guru Philip B. Crosby in his book ‘Quality Is Free’. Forget Six Sigma – this is ‘Infinite Sigma’! It’s a way of thinking about quality that doesn’t tolerate errors or defects and continually strives to improve processes and prevent errors so […]

Quality improvement – horses for courses

I have written in many blogs about different ways of securing Continuous Improvement; Six Sigma, Plan-Do-Check-Act, 8D, Kaizen, and so on. The trouble is, people become too religious about their favourite technique and apply it in far more circumstances than it’s really meant for. One of my favourite quotes is “if all you have is […]