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Primilis and CogniDox announce a Graphical QMS

Our Press Release from 5 March 2013:

Primilis and Cognidox have announced the development and general availability of a new Graphical Quality Management System (G-QMS) to aid companies looking to achieve Quality certification. The collaboration has been documented as a case study available for free download from both the CogniDox and Primilis websites.

One of the difficulties for companies in pursuit of Quality certification (such as ISO 9001 or ISO 13485) is documenting company business procedures in a way that is intuitive, easy for occasional users, and gets used by everyone in the organisation.

Quality is a process and not a “badge”, so user adoption and buy-in is a critical factor for success. CogniDox is already a popular document management system (DMS) solution providing the document control procedures required by quality management standards. Using standard CogniDox features for HTML control, Primilis quickly implemented a QMS to capture business processes in an easy-to-understand, visual form with rich graphical content. They created a “website-within-a-website” to enable users to interactively view quality procedures in a browser and download editable documents where required.

All of the content is created with commonly-used tools (e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Visio), which avoids any additional training or specialist software. “If you are a Quality Manager or Executive at a company considering a strategy for ISO 9001 then our case study is essential reading to help your business understand the possibilities for effective Quality Management Systems,” said Tom Gaskell, Primilis Director. “Before you build a filing cabinet full of paper procedures or hire consultants for an expensive SharePoint intranet project, talk to us about an easy way of combining document management with a graphical QMS.”

The case study is available in PDF format to download (no registration required) from:


Also linked to from the Primilis website http://www.primilis.com.

Example screenshot – a simple Internal Audit process:



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