Welcome to my blog for all things related to business quality (processes, systems and ways of working), products and product quality, manufacturing and operations management.

This blog is a mixture of real-world experience, ideas, comments and observations that I hope you'll find interesting.





I started as an electronics design engineer, but 14 years in a big technology consulting organisation and 10 years working in telecomms design and manufacturing start-ups enabled me to focus on manufacturing operations and quality of new products, in other words on quality and product implementation in the broadest sense.

And I’ve worked with some excellent people from whom I’ve learnt a lot.

I set up the consulting company Primilis (http://www.primilis.com) in 2006 and I now get involved in business quality management (ISO 9001 and beyond), business systems, product quality and reliability, operating methods and processes, operations and manufacturing management.

I also do a lot of touble-shooting, including product and project audits, root cause analysis and corrective actions, and due diligence work.

However, in the end these are just techniques and tools to be used – it’s what you do with them that matters!

What I do – and what I get a really great buzz from – is to help companies understand and resolve problems, improve quality, increase effectiveness, reduce risk, or get to market quicker so that they become more successful!